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Apple wants 99$/year to let you run and test your iOs projects on your iDevice.
Introducing the free alternative: JailCoder.

Good bye Simulator!
No simulator!

Xcode is free and comes with a very good iPhone Simulator.
But it is not enough if your projects use advanced iPhone features like gps or accelerometer. Testing your projects on your device is way better but it requires an expensive subscription to the
iOs Developer Program.
Not the best for starters who are not ready to release their apps on the App Store.

Meet JailCoder!
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JailCoder is an easy-to-use tool that patches Xcode and your projects in order to let you install your apps directly on your device.
It includes a step-by-step guided process to the patching operations.
Download it now for free!

Mac OSX from 10.5.x to 10.7.x
Xcode from 3.x to 4.x
A Jailbroken iDevice

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