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JailCoder will let you install, run and debug your iOs projects direcly on your devices.
Subscription to iOs Developer Program is not necessary and you will no longer have to use the iOs Simulator.


• A Mac computer with Mac OSX Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion;
Xcode 3.x or 4.x;
• A Jailbroken iOs device with AppSync installed;


JailCoder is able to do two types of patching (you need both if you want develop on your devices): the Xcode patch and the projects patch.
It is really recommended to follow the guided tour (you can find it by clicking on "Guided Patch" on the top of main page) if it is the first time you run JailCoder. You will find additional explanation and instructions in the tour.
In the main page you will find also additional buttons that let you easly and fasyly patch/restore Xcode and your projects.


The Xcode patch edits some iOs SDK's internal file in order to delete requirements for code sign and entitlements.
You'll need to use two self signed certificate provided by the guided tour.
Editing Xcode is safely and reversible, and you'll have to do it just one time (except if you uninstall and reinstall Xcode).

Restore Xcode (with the restore button) if you want to register to the iOs Developer Program.


The projects patch edits some internal settings of your projects.
This patch is totally reversible and you'll have to do it once for each iOs project you want to run on your devices.
In order to patch your iOs project you'll have to click on "Patch project" in the main screen and you'll have to drop the project in the gray area. Click on "Unpatch project" if you want to delete the patch.

Restore all your projects (with the restore button) if you want to register to the iOs Developer Program.